Rap Guide to Culture

Written by and Starring Baba Brinkman

PLEASE BE AWARE: Rap Guide to Consciousness and Rap Guide to Culture are SOLD SEPERATLY.

Music, poetry, art, science, politics, and relationships are all strange behaviors found in a species of (mostly) hairless primates. How do norms and social systems evolve, and who benefits? The whole planet hangs in the balance as cultures and sub-cultures compete for survival and the reach to become viral. Equal parts rap concert, TED Talk, and stand-up gig, Rap Guide to Culture surprises, delights, and ultimately heals, bringing a wealth of knowledge and razor-sharp observational wit to some of today’s stickiest topics.

Performance times for Rap Guide to Culture: September 6th @ 7:30PM; September 7th @ 9PM; September 13th @ 7PM; September 14th @ 9PM

Performed Live

September 2019

6 7 13 14