30 Day Mourning Period

(or the Revolution that Occurred When Mr. Clybourne Killed Himself and Thus Was Unable to Come in to Work Thursday Morning)
Reva Shiner Comedy Award Winner
Written by Hank Greene
Directed by Joshua Caroll

Larry, Susan and Craig are locked in mind-numbing sales jobs that are slowly draining each of them. But everything changes when their boss, Mr. Clybourne, kills himself one morning, and their company grants the office a 30-day “mourning period” with no sales goals, no dress codes and no corporate oversight. With a newfound freedom and an unbridled sense of adventure, the three thrust themselves into their own tale of rebellion, and over the course of their mourning period they build a castle out of office supplies, encounter an army of rats, fight with water balloons, drink excessive amounts of tequila, discover meaning in their previously meaningless monotony and ultimately attempt to right the wrongs of their company’s impersonal policies in their own makeshift revolution.

Performed Live

September 2016 & October 2016

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