Book by Emily Goodson
Music & Lyrics by Jeremy Schonfeld

In the exciting next phase of its evolution, Kissing Frogs, one of BPP’s best-selling shows ever, returns for its second draft with some new songs and an all-new story. It all happened at the Stop Drop & Bowl. At least that’s how Greta’s beginning to feel about every major event in her life. After college, Greta puts her future on hold to help her grandmother run the family bowling alley, the very same one she grew up in. It’s not so bad though. She’s got her friends, her family, and even a dreamy boyfriend. So what if she smells like beer? She’s got all the time in the world, right? Wrong. BPP’s new musical comedy explores what happens when a surprise proposal forces Greta to choose between all she’s ever known and all she’s ever wanted.