Written by Kate Fodor

Meena Pierotti’s job is making her unhappy. Luckily, there’s a pill for that. Well, not yet. But Meena has joined the clinical trial for a new drug targeting workplace depression. The trial gets messy, however, when her doctor falls in love with her, and he chooses to enroll himself in a drug trial targeting heartbreak.

The BPP’s Off-Broadway/On-9th series seeks to take a play recently seen at a small theatre in NYC and help it to have a future life across the country by producing it here at the BPP at 9th Street.

A sprightly, engaging comedy… Ms. Fodor’s smart, sweet play suggests that the endorphins released by garden-variety love may be the most reliable mood-enhancing drug on the market today.

~ NY Times

Performed Live

September 2012 & October 2012

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