The Bloomington Playwrights Project (BPP) is the only professional theatre in the entire state of Indiana dedicated solely to new plays. In operation for 39 years, we serve both the Bloomington and national theatre community by working with talented playwrights, actors, and artists to develop high-level productions for our local patrons as well as the many audiences attending subsequent productions of scripts that originated here at the BPP. We are an advocate for playwrights and new plays and believe firmly that they are not only important but absolutely vital to the future of our art form.


General Inquiries: bppwrite@newplays.org

Questions About Script Submissions: literarymanager@newplays.org

Producing Artistic Director: Chad Rabinovitz artisticdirector@newplays.org

Managing Director: Brad Schiesser brad@newplays.org

Associate Artistic Director: Ben Smith ben@newplays.org

Education Director: Rachael Himsel education@newplays.org

Marketing and Development Associate: Mallory Elver mallory@newplays.org

Box Office Manager: Maddie Burton maddie@newplays.org

Literary Manager: Susan Jones literarymanager@newplays.org

Volunteer Development Associate/BPP Historian: Sonja Johnson sejohnso2@gmail.com

Technical Director: Tien-Yin Sun

Resident Scenic Designer: David Wade

Sound Engineer / Master Electrician: Thomas Tiggleman

Resident Costume Designers: Scott Jones & Chib Gratz

Resident Stage Manager Kayla Cieslinski

Production Manager Patrick Weigand

Board of Directors

  • John Whikehart, President
  • Ray Hedin, Vice President
  • Von Welch, Treasurer
  • Ellee Spier, Co-Secretary
  • Esther Smail, Co-Secretary
  • Bob Arnove
  • Pat Brantlinger
  • David Chadwick
  • Micheal Engber
  • Sandra Freund
  • Valeri Haughton-Motley
  • David Martin
  • Rob Shakespeare

Directors Circle

To bring a new play to life is an arduous and risky journey requiring a strong creative team and visionary supporters willing to provide the resources needed for the trip. The Directors Circle was established by the BPP Board in 2011 to bring together and to recognize loyal and generous patrons willing to provide annual support to the BPP’s operations now and into the future.

Each season the Directors Circle hosts five programs, each one related to one of the season’s productions. All provide behind-the-scenes insight into the new play production process. A program might consist of a scene from an upcoming production and a chance to discuss it with the principals behind the project. A scene designer might trace the creation of a set from concept to construction – describing the interaction with script, director, and other designers that goes into the process. Or a playwright may join us to describe the inspiration behind the play and the value of the development process that BPP provides.

Every program provides Directors Circle members not only a special theatre experience but also a chance to visit informally with the new play production team and with other supporters of new plays. To become part of the Directors Circle, contact directorscircle@newplays.org

Mission & History

Mission Statement

The Bloomington Playwrights Project (BPP) strives to be a leading artistic force in the production and encouragement of new plays. The BPP provides opportunities for development, education, and production for promising and established writers and theater artists in a professional environment.


In 1979, the Bloomington Playwrights Project (BPP) was founded by Tom Moseman and Jim Leonard, both of whom shared a vision of creating a venue to workshop and produce playwrights’ works, and provide a place for actors, directors, and theatre technicians to hone their crafts. Jim Leonard’s play The Diviners has since seen many productions across the country, and he has gone on to write and produce for television, notably Skin and most recently Close to Home. Tom Moseman is currently Senior Vice President of Envirosell.

About the Timothy J Wiles Theater’s Namesake

Timothy J Wiles had a passion for theater from his pre-adolescence. Growing up in Norway Maine (population 5,000) a village which boasted of enthusiastic community theater efforts (Tim worked stage crew for a popular production of Dial M For Murder when he was 13.) Tim avidly read the New York Times theater reviews.

In 1960 as a senior at Bethel Academy, he was selected to attend a national theater Institute for high school students at the Ohio State University. While there he attended a cycle of Shakespearean plays at Antioch College and his college plans were set in his mind. He majored in English at Antioch and became involved in multiple stage productions. He interned during one cooperative academic quarter at the McCarter Theater in Princeton. He studied for PhD at Stanford University and wrote a dissertation that became a University of Chicago publication: THE THEATER EVENT, a study of the process of catharsis in avant-garde European and American theater.

In 1972 he joined the English faculty at Indiana University, Bloomington and his undergraduate drama courses became known for their dramatic productions: he staged Brecht’s, THE MEASURES TAKEN in the woods behind Woodburn Hall, using Jordan creek as a part of the setting and he directed an innovative production of Apollinaire’s, THE BREASTS OF TIRESIAS, on the roof of the IMU.

In 1975 two theater students, Tom Moseman and Jim Poyser came to Tim and asked his to direct an independent study course in playwriting for them. Later they were joined by Jim Leonard, a graduate student who had a major success with his first play, THE DIVINERS, which had a won a national collegiate theater competition and been produced at the Kennedy Center.

The three asked Tim to mentor them and to help them found a black box theater to produce new and developing plays. For several years, the Bloomington Playwrights Project was a small, theater workshop for new playwrights like those three young playwriting students.

Tim Wiles served on the BPP Board of Directors for many years, served as President and Vice President of the Board through the 1990’s. He died in Bloomington in 2003.

Arts Fair on the Square


Arts Fair on the Square The Bloomington Playwrights Project’s Arts Fair on the Square is celebrating 33 years of bringing visual artists and craftspeople together with the local and regional buying community. This juried art show features over 60 regional and national artists and craftspeople on the picturesque grounds surrounding the Monroe County Courthouse. The mission of Arts Fair on the Square is to showcase fine art and craft of the highest quality, connect artists with the art-buying community and promote commitment to the arts through a variety of interactive arts experiences.

Arts Fair on the Square also includes interactive arts activities for children and entertainment from local artists for the whole family. Arts Fair on the Square runs in conjunction with the Taste of Bloomington which offers sampling opportunities from over 35 local and regional restaurants, special music and children’s activities. Together Arts Fair on the Square and Taste of Bloomington draw thousands of visitors to downtown Bloomington to experience the finest the visual arts has to offer while sharing a little of that Hoosier hospitality that makes Arts Fair on the Square a favorite among artists and art patrons alike.

For more information please visit www.artsfair.org.

Past Productions


  • Apropos of Nothing by Greg Kalleres
  • The Jedi Handbook by Stephen Massicotte
  • To Quiet the Quiet by Christy Hall


  • Spun by Emily Goodson, Music and Lyrics by Jeremy Schonfeld
  • Out of Orbit by Jennifer Maisel
  • The Oregon Trail by Bekah Brunstetter
  • Glitches in Reality with Simon Coronel
  • Tuning In by Larry Kass, Sara Kass, Ron Newell, and George Pinney, Music and Lyrics by Larry Kass


  • Row After Row by Jessica Dickey
  • Calling All Kates by Emily Goodson, Music and Lyrics by Jeremy Schonfeld
  • Happily After Ever by Laura Zlatos
  • Beating a Dead Horse by Jenny Stafford
  • Front Page Flo By Larry Kass, Sara Kass, and George Pinney, Music and Lyrics by Larry Kass


  • Toast by Sam Carner & Derek Gregor
  • Everything in its Place: The Life and Slimes of Marc Summers by Alex Brightman with Music by Drew Gasparini
  • You Remind Me of You by Matthew Capodicasa
  • Think Again with Max Major
  • Thirty Day Mourning Period by Hank Greene
  • Home by Christy Hall & Scott Alan


  • Make Me Bad by Drew Gasparini & Alex Brightman
  • Ugly Lies the Bone by Lindsay Ferrentino
  • The Capables by Jay Stull
  • The Blizzard by Various Artists
  • The Bull, the Moon and the Coronet of Stars by Van Badham
  • Billy Witch by Gregory S. Moss


  • Island Song by Sam Carner & Derek Gregor
  • Mad Gravity by William Missouri Downs
  • Greta by Jeremy Schonfeld & Emily Goodson
  • The Blizzard by Various Artists
  • Kalamazoo by Michelle Kholos Brooks & Kelly Younger
  • She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen


  • The Truman Show: A Musical by Alexander Gemignani & Brad Bauner
  • Ampersand by Vincent Delaney
  • Spun: A Rock Musical by Jeremy Schonfeld & Emily Goodson
  • The Blizzard by Various Artists
  • Sequence by Arun Lakra
  • The Banana Tree by Dan Castellaneta & Deb Lacusta


  • The Boy in the Bathroom by Michael Lluberes & Joe Maloney
  • Three Views of the Same Object by Henry Murray
  • Maggie Cassidy by Chris Jeffries
  • The Blizzard by Various Artists
  • Rx by Kate Fodor
  • Lemonade by Mark Krause


  • Bomb|Shell by Various Artists
  • I Am Grock by Amanda Rogers
  • Kissing Frogs by Jeremy Schonfeld & Nicole Parker
  • The Blizzard by Various Artists
  • Miles Away by Christine Whitley
  • Still The River Runs by Barton Bishop


  • Blizzard Rewind by Various Artists
  • BloomingPlays Festival by Hoosier Artists
  • Cadillac by Bill Jepsen
  • 80’s Shorts by Various Artists
  • Vintage Scenes by Various Artists
  • AwareFest: A Green World by Various Artists
  • Artifice by Anne Flanagan (Reva Shiner Comedy Award Winner)


  • Alone in the Light by Various Artists
  • BloomingPlays by Various Artists
  • The Blizzard by Various Artists
  • Candide Does America by Drake, Donald
  • Chicks with Dicks II by Baldwin, Trista
  • Naked in the Kitchen by Martens, Lynda
  • Nocturnal by Esquivel, Ramon
  • Sex/Death XXX by Various Artists
  • Talley’s Folly by Wilson, Lanford
  • Vintage Scenes by Various Artists


  • Alone in the Light by Various Artists
  • Blizzard by Various Artists
  • Doubting Thomas by Green, John
  • The Liquid Moon by Green, John
  • Partisan Theatrics by Various Artists
  • The PlayOffs by Various Artists
  • The Return of the Alumni by Various Artists
  • Romeo & Juliet: A Shakespearian Music-Drama by Freund, Don
  • Sans Merci by Johnna Adams
  • Sex / Death by Various Artists
  • Symphony for Three by Smith, Mike
  • Work by Wagoner, Terri


  • Alone in the Light by Various Artists
  • BloomingPlays Festival by Various Artists
  • Cowboyily by Hughes, Steven
  • Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy by McNair, Alana & Wilkinson, Kate
  • Holiday Dinner Cabaret
  • Mad Honey by Hartman, Amy
  • Men of Tortuga by Wells, Jason
  • The PlayOffs by Various Artists
  • Summer Blizzard by Various Artists
  • Vintage Scenes by Various Artists
  • VROOOMMM! by Allard, Janet


  • The Age of Cynicism or Karaoke Night at the Hog by Huff, Keith
  • Alone in the Light by Various Artists
  • Arrangement For Two Violas by Lieberman, Susan
  • Border Lines by Latino & Latina Writers
  • Boomer by Weatherwax, Nell
  • Dinner with Friends by Margulies, Donald
  • Empty Sky by Sarah Treem
  • Holy Spirit on Grand Avenue by Press-Coffman, Toni


  • Ballot Box Blizzard by Various Artists
  • Chicks with Dicks by Baldwin, Trista
  • The PlayOffs by Various Artists
  • Second Helpins by Various Artists


  • The Button by Brooks, Jon
  • Maleficia by Wingrove, Suzanne
  • Patty Red Pants by Baldwin, Trista
  • Harry & The Streetbeat by OyamO


  • .22 Caliber Mouth by Robert, Lauren
  • Bach at Leipzig by Moses, Itamar
  • Christmas Eve by Eliet, David F.
  • The Christmas Present by Miles, Erynn
  • Cocoa Joe by Hartnett, Terence
  • Cookie Bites the Ninja by Bedwell, Doug
  • The Family Room by Drago
  • The First Play of Christmas by Bedwell, Doug
  • Five to One: the ratio of rabbits to deer at the North Pole by Kristopher, Thomas
  • The Gospel According to Kris Lee by Lee, Kris
  • Happy Birthday Jesus by Lowenthal, Ambur
  • Joe Raven’s Christman Vison by Nunez, Paige Hessel
  • Mays and Terese by Ball Cicchini, Emily
  • The Menace of ‘64 by Ulrich, Mark
  • Platinum Travel Club by Miraglia, Franca
  • Playhouse of Horror by Various Artists
  • Silent Night by Kirkham, M
  • Six to One: The Ratio of Geese to Deer at the North Pole by Thomas, Kristopher
  • Slow Boat to China by Weedman, Lauren
  • Twelve Plays of Christmas by Various Artists


  • Afterdark by Manning, Kara
  • The Dastardly Ficus by Schwartz, Emily
  • Dianalogues by Haines, Laurel
  • The Dream Journal by Drago, John
  • Five Very Live by Van Matre, David
  • Hot Wet Fun by Meyers, Carmen
  • It’s All Good by Jasicki, Marta
  • Kate Crackernuts by Callaghan, Sheila
  • Life in the Faust Lane by Pfeffinger, Eric R
  • The Messiah by Keller, David
  • The Rites of Antigone by Fonte, Rick
  • Schoolgirl Figure by MacLeod, Wendy
  • Scrooge Variations III by Pfeffinger, Eric R


  • Beatles In the Bathtub by Polsgrove, Cora
  • The Burial by Mattern, Jennifer
  • Dorothy and Alice by Moses, Itamar
  • F-Stop by Humphrey, Olga
  • Full Bloom by Bradbeer, Suzanne
  • Good Girl by Lewis, Donald
  • Harry and the Streetbeat by OyamO
  • Jeremy Frey Kicked a Hole in the Sky by Hartzler, Kara
  • Jocko & Balthazar by Smith, M.
  • Last Things First by Pfeffinger, Eric R
  • Malibu Cars Look Like they Can Float
  • Naked Ambition by Pfeffinger, Eric R
  • New World Rhapsody by Kraar, Adam
  • The Perfect Moment by Trueblood, CAT
  • Portofino
  • Sappho’s Song by Regan, Sheila
  • Scrooge Variations II by Pfeffinger, Eric R
  • Tender by Owens, Greg
  • Tender: A Situation in 12 Scenes by Owens, Craig


  • 31 by Anderson, Pat
  • Beauty in the Woods by Anderson, Pat
  • The Beggar’s Opera by Kibbey, Hal
  • Bird Germs by Pfeffinger, Eric R
  • A Chance to be Free by Pierson, Joel
  • Death Takes a Coffee Break by Morse, Bob
  • The Freezer by Trueblood, CAT
  • Grade A by Hartzler, Kara
  • Hamlet Overheard by Pierson, Joel
  • Last One Out by Kibbey, Hal
  • Life without Rue by Larimer, Angeline R.
  • Merry Elementary by Larimer, Angeline R.
  • Roses to Plan by Lichtig, Robin Rice
  • Sacrifice by Trueblood, CAT
  • Puttin’ On Our Shorts by Various Artists
  • Signature by Dye, Ron
  • Simplicity Itself by Hartwig, Kurt


  • Angels of Lemnos by Henry, Jim
  • Chestnuts Roasting by Larimer, Angeline R.
  • Donkey-Hide by Chaitin, Joy and Stafford, Christopher T.
  • The Dying Art by Duncan, John Ryan
  • Ebenezer! by Zocher, Bryan
  • Outrage by Moses, Itamar
  • Purgastories by Poyser, Jim
  • The Return to Morality by Pachino, Jamie
  • Scrooge Variations by Pfeffinger, Eric R
  • Puttin’ On Our Shorts by Various Artists
  • Sunflower Town by Hartzler, Kara
  • Traumaturgy by Pfeffinger, Eric R


  • Alice In Ireland by Sheehan, Judy
  • Diary of a Madman by Burgun, Bruce
  • The Firebird by Blake, Evan
  • Ladders by Henss, Rick
  • Possession by Pfeffinger, Eric
  • R Puttin’ On Our Shorts by Various Artists
  • Solicitation by Pfeffinger, Eric R
  • Ted Meets the Cable Man by Papa
  • Where Men Are Empty Overcoats by Pfeffinger, Eric R


  • Alexander and The United Snakes of America by Lewis, Donald
  • The Book on Esther by Sahl, Benjamin
  • A Christmas Carol: Charles Dickens by Chemers, Michael Mark
  • Fred by Poyser, Jim
  • I Dream Before I Take the Stand by Hutton, Arlene
  • Man in the Basement by Hutton, Arlene
  • Medea With Child by Burroway, Janet
  • Puttin’ On Our Shorts by Various Artists
  • Stand by Press-Coffman, Tony
  • Table Talk by Booker, S. K.
  • A Tavern Story by Van Matre, David
  • Theatrepiece by Pfeffinger, Eric R
  • Voices International by Various Artists
  • Wreck of Cutty Perdition by Chemers, Michael Mark


  • Bloomington Briefs by Various Artists
  • A Christmas Carol by Mills, Rebekah
  • Cold Feet by Petrelli, Chris
  • Commitments by Cox, Eric
  • Dear Mom by Liou, Ming-Yi
  • Fish Story by Poyser, Jim
  • Flipwagon by Ramsey, Mathew
  • Homeless by Sooch, Malik
  • Mona in the Morning by Pfeffinger, Eric R
  • Natasha from Venus by Morrow, Charles
  • Pompons by Chaitin, Joy
  • Preguntas Postumas by Patino, Chia
  • Screamers by Dye, Ron
  • Sister Calling My Name by McLaughlin, Buzz
  • Stick Girl by Zocher, Bryan
  • Very Short Play about Almost Nothing by Chemers, Michael Mark


  • Between Men and Cattle by Kalinoski, Richard
  • Bulletproof Hearts by Gotch, Michael
  • Buzz by Gotch, Michael
  • Camera Obscura by Hansen, Hope
  • Catch by Senne, Eric
  • Christmas Carol, A by Chemers, Michael Mark
  • Destin Clan Funeral in Livingston Texas, A by Ellis, Greg
  • The Gray Memorial by Ramsay, Mathew
  • Heat by McDonald, Tony
  • The Indiana Briefs by Various Artists
  • The Insiders by Caroline, Alice
  • Lennon: In His Own Words by Albano Andrew, & Mullin, Vincent
  • The New Age Comes to Wheatland by Morse, Bob
  • Now Pronounce Who? by Koste, V. Glasgow
  • Old Man Scrooge and the Crachit Gang by Chemers, Michael Mark
  • One From the Vaults by Chemers, Michael Mark
  • Retro-Acts by Various Artists
  • Slowly Sinking White Ship, A by Tsutsumi, Harue
  • Taste of Bloomington by Various Artists
  • Wicked Lemonade by Bass, M. Gettys


  • America Played On by Various Artists
  • A Christmas Carol by Owens, Greg
  • The Department of Heaven by Smith, Brian D.
  • Francis and the Biograph Girl by Harris, Cassie
  • Independence by Owens, Greg
  • The Indiana Briefs by Various Artists
  • Journeys Here: A Kite, Some String and Meaningful Things by Kaplan, Cheryl L.
  • Ken and Barbie Do the Nasty in Larry’s Leather Bar by Cebulska, Marcia
  • Love in the Loft by Dishman, Madge
  • Muzak Man by Hansen, Hope
  • Nobody’s Flood by Alterman, Glenn
  • Queen of Earth by Anderson, Pat
  • Spots by Poyser, Jim
  • Theodora: An Unauthorized Biography by Pachino, Jamie
  • When Mummy is Daddy by Ellis, Greg
  • The Zalmar Boys by Muth, C. Russell & Ramsay, Matthew


  • Alice’s Wonderland by McCann, Karen
  • Christmas Carol by Smith, Gretchen
  • Dirt Floor by Timm, Steve
  • The Diviners by Leonard, Jim, Jr.
  • For Lease by Weagly, John
  • Honky Tonk by Owens, Greg
  • In the Beginning by Various Artists
  • Kitty and the Night Gleamers by Lynch, Doris
  • Lick the Mouse by Dippel, Christopher
  • Masks, Mischief and Madness by Dye and Schreiber
  • Murder in Maple Grove by Smith, Brian D.
  • Parachuting Celebrities Fall by Poyser, Jim
  • Patterns and Prints by Various Artists
  • Stalking Deer Not Stalking by Dye, Ron
  • Waiting for Forever by Poyser, Jim
  • Wyoming by Owens, Greg


  • Adeline Klienhammer’s Boarding House Tea by Wegener, Sally
  • Alton’s Coming Home by Dye, Ron
  • Anna’s Childreln by Edmondson, Laura
  • Bananaland by Holladay, Kevin
  • Boy by Hornsby, Terry
  • Cliffs by Polk, Dennis
  • Coming of Age by Various Artists
  • Dr. Goat: Goat Doctor by Weagly, John
  • Enchanted Forest by Various Artists
  • Hunter’s Moon by Dye, Ron
  • In the Shadow of the Sun King by Mielech, Ronald A.
  • Intrusions by Various Artists
  • Leaving Now by Various Artists
  • Looking for Elves in America by Anderson, Pat
  • Mama’s Burning by Slager, R. Scot
  • Motor Man by Smith, Gretchen
  • On Wisconsin by Owens, Greg
  • Pastime by Owens, Greg
  • Puzzle Pieces by Melloan-Ruiz, Debbie
  • Sebastian and Lanier by Hackleman, Kim
  • Siren’s Song by Stephan, Kathy
  • The Snowball by Stephan, Kathy
  • Split Decisions by Various
  • Theater Bizarro by Cagle, Michael
  • Three Cats Per House by Dye, Ron
  • Waterworks by various Artists
  • Whale Shit by Houghtaling, David


  • Blind Faith by Sayer, Mandy
  • Dragoon by Aronson, Shari
  • Hard Rain by Various Artists
  • Nightingale by Smith, Gretchen


  • Beer-La’HaiRoi by Hunt, Michael
  • Calcutta by Dye, Ron
  • Coyote’s New Hunting Shoes by Dye, Ron
  • Days of Possibilities by Orloff, Rich
  • Eclipse by Dye, Ron
  • The Exchange Terrorist by Hunt, Michael
  • Letting the Water Hold Me Down by Holladay, Kevin
  • Off Dixon Road by Timm, Steve
  • Ouch by Various Artists
  • Patriots by Various Artists
  • Puppets Should Speak by Holladay, Kevin
  • The Red Sea by Christman, David Paul
  • Ruby Testifies by Koger, Grove
  • The Runaway by Cebulska, Marcia
  • She’s a Slave to the House by Kniess, Rita
  • The Terre Haute Cigar Store by Steward, Gary
  • There is No Present by Blumenthal, Barbara
  • Waterworks by Various Artists


  • Belongings by Cebulska, Marcia
  • Comin’ and Goin’ by Dye, Ron
  • Coyote Renegotiates His Contract by Dye, Ron
  • Coyote Suffers Through a Hailstorm by Dye, Ron
  • Coyote Takes Up Farming with Bear by Dye, Ron
  • Down to the Ground by Dye, Ron
  • Dragon by Aronson, Shari
  • Dragon Slayer, The by Archibald, Sara Lyn
  • An Enemy of the People by Adaptation
  • Halloweenness by Schreiber, Dale
  • The Hand that Feeds by Various Artists
  • It Ain’t Over by Aronson & Dye
  • Ode to Joy by traditional
  • Slow Melt by Kneiss, Rita
  • Turtle Island Tales by Dye, Ron
  • Waiting for Forever by Poyser, Jim


  • A Harlequin’s Romance by Christman, David Paul
  • The American Nightmare by Weatherwax, Nell and Richard Van Schoewen
  • Bucking the Odds by Various Artists
  • The Chicago Gypsies by Koste, V. Glasgow
  • The Crackerman by Thomas, Nancy
  • Credulous by Shiner, Reva
  • Crib Bright by Kniess, Rita
  • Cross Words by Reynolds, Rhonda
  • Crown Royal by Clossin, Michael
  • Death Comes to Everman by McIntire, Luke
  • Dirt by Donley, Jan
  • Ed Hippus or the Birthday Surprise by O’Haver, Tommy
  • Encore by Thomas, Nancy
  • First Encounters of the Close Kind by Kruer, Laura
  • Half Acts 2 by Various Artists
  • Harlequin Romance by Christman, David
  • In God We Trust by Skoog, Duane
  • It Ain’t Over by Aronson, Shari & Dye, Ron
  • Leavings by Reynolds, Rhonda
  • Lightning Bugs by Macy, Constance
  • A Matter of Taste by Collins, Suzanne
  • Open House by Various Artists
  • Out of Control by O’Haver, Tommy
  • Phone Call by Serpento, James
  • Pompons by Chaitin, Joy
  • Private Faces by Kniess, Rita
  • Public Places by Various Artists
  • The Revisionary by Strong, Madeline
  • The Risk by Pryor, Cap
  • Seven Story Mobile Glass House Blues by Various Artists
  • Sex, the Yankees and Other Poems by Samuelson, Eric
  • Spots by Poyser, Jim
  • Steeple Jack by Reardon, Dennis
  • Subterranean Homesick Blues Again by Reardon, Dennis
  • That’s What Mothers are For by Bridenbaugh, Russ
  • Threads by Holladay, Kevin
  • Tiger Dance by Aronson, Shari
  • Toast by May, Joanna
  • Wings Over by Scott, David
  • The Woman in the Slip by Weatherwax & Kondrat


  • Accidentist by Poyser, Jim
  • Aunt Elinor’s Closet by Donley, Jan
  • Blondes Have More Fun by Reardon, Dennis
  • Brian in Light, Brian in Shadow by Gadansky, Bruce
  • Corporatist by Poyser, Jim
  • A Danse for my Sisterlie by Serpento, James
  • Database by Strong, Madeline
  • The Diviners by Leonard, Jim, Jr.
  • The Drifter’s Hornpipe by Dye, Ron
  • Emerging I by Mime Class
  • Emerging II by Mime Class
  • Eureka by Aronson, Shari
  • Extreme Unction by Kniess, Rita
  • Fish Story by Poyser, Jim
  • Four Walls and Fifteen Steps by Kniess, Rita
  • Gastronomy by Poyser, Jim
  • Glory of Love by Various Artists
  • Graduation Day by Serpento, James
  • How to Be a Real Baby by Christman, David & Nelson Garrett
  • Hunter’s Moon by Kniess, Rita
  • Important Engagement by Tassell, Brad
  • Invenstory by Poyser, Jim
  • Little Memorials by Kniess, Rita
  • Monologues by Various Artists
  • Mort Takes a Holiday by Neidhart, Greg
  • New Works by Bloomington Playwrights by various
  • Night Cries by Kniess, Rita
  • Numerology by Selmeier, Joel
  • Nutrition by Donley, Jan
  • Open Mike by Dye, Ron
  • Pig Dream by Beckwith, Jeanne
  • Prospero on an Inland Beach by Dye, Ron
  • Quiet Evening at Home, A by Serpento, James
  • The Rehabilitation of John by Beckwith, Jeanne
  • The Season of Perfect Light by Gadansky, Bruce
  • Six Short Plays by Various Artists
  • Snow and the Attic by Various Artists
  • Sunday Night Sirens by Aronson, Shari
  • Tell Me About the War on Druges, Gramps by Bridenbaugh, Russ
  • Tending the Soul by Various Artists
  • The Story of St. George by Christman, David Paul
  • Three Monologues and Three Short Plays by Various Artists
  • Three Self Indulgences by Christman, David Paul
  • Two Short Plays by various
  • Your Eyes - Your Eyes Are Like Pools by Aronson, Shari


  • 12 Acts by Various Artists
  • Bowling Balls and Babies by Riley, Deanna
  • Cranes by Campbell, Anneke
  • Design for Time by Simon-Curry, Alice
  • Fire on the River by Beckwith, Jeanne
  • Growing Pains by Stanfield, Veda, Patricia Wildhack, Cheryl Nelson
  • Homebase by Leonard, Jim
  • Hypnotism revealed by Poyser, Jim
  • Instant Fashion by Shank, Joanne
  • Lost on the Road to Squander by Stiles, Brad
  • Money in Your Lifetime by Weatherwax, Nell
  • Nuclear Cups; this version by Weatherwax, Nell
  • Pastime by Collins, Suzanne
  • Pedispectre by Poyser, Jim
  • Postcard from France, A by Sturm, Paul & Chris Lamar
  • Reunion by Beckwith, Jeanne
  • Shirley Boohers Makes Me Sick by Garbo
  • To Play Othello by Dye, Ron
  • Visual Voices by Various Artists
  • Waiting For Forever Pt. 2: The Yardsale by Poyser, Jim
  • Woman in the Wood by Beckwith, Jeanne
  • Writers Block by Weatherwax, Nell, J. Shank, C. Nelson, J. Bellis, D. Christman
  • You Are What you Eat by Christman, David


  • Act One, Scene One by Elliott, Bill
  • Barleybone & Me by Smiley, Sam
  • Barnyard Basketball by Marsh, Donna
  • Breakfast with Aymler by Percival, Jim
  • The Brink by Timm, Steve
  • Buddy’s Monologue by Komunyakaa, Yusef
  • Feelings by Poyser, Jim
  • Final Severance by Scott, David
  • Heaven’s Leavening by Scott, David
  • Hell, Inc. by Bridenbaugh, Russ
  • Junket by Poyser, Jim
  • Mid america Festival of the Arts by Various Artists
  • Scene on a Bus by Serpento, James
  • Showdown by Katchmer, Michael
  • Somer Sault Brothers Chapter 8 by Poyser, Jim
  • Spots by Poyser, Jim
  • Strange Romance by Mader, Ron
  • War by Colerid, Christopher


  • Ashes to Ashes by Hanes, Kenneth
  • Atomic Brunch by Beverly, Nancy
  • Curiosity Shop by Beckwith, Jeanne
  • For a Hundred Dollars by Kingkade, Howard
  • Gulf Stream by Dickey, Jerry
  • Have you Seen this Picture Before? by Derkacy, Dave
  • How to Build a Better Baby by Riley, Deanna
  • Joe’s Friendly by Gadansky, Bruce
  • The Light that Lies by Fearnow, Mark
  • Massaged by Timm, Steve
  • Pest Asides by Staton, Dale
  • Pink Shoelaces by Brown, Nolan
  • Property of the Dallas Cowboys by Smiley, Sam
  • Silentfault by Poyser, Jim
  • Sin City by Riley, Deanna
  • Strawberry Rollups by Beverly, Nancy
  • Trio by Various Artists
  • Triplet by Various Artists


  • An Evening of One Acts by Various Artists
  • Broken Circle by Pritchard, Jeanne
  • Chairphony by Riley, Deanna
  • Dionysus on Ice by Timm, Steve
  • Penelope by Selmeier, Joel
  • Siberia by Hanes, Kenneth
  • Somer Sault Brothers Chapter 9 by Poyser, Jim
  • Trust your Car to the Man Who Wears a Star by Beverly, Nancy


  • And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson by Leonard, Jim, Jr.
  • The Cashier by Merzer, Glen O.
  • Lindbergh’s Child by Kingkade, Howard
  • Our Lady of the Depot by Stafford, Tony
  • Proving Ground by Rogers, Doug
  • Talk Show by Beverly, Nancy
  • What? by Staton, Dale


  • An Evening of One Acts by Various Artists
  • Everything in America and Parts of Europe by Blewett, Barbara
  • Home Avenue by Still, Gloria
  • I am Waiting by Johnson, Claudia
  • If It Were Any other Wednesday by Amenta, Mark
  • New Work by Rockwell, PJ
  • Nothing is Fixed by Merzer, Glen O.
  • Occupants by Poyser, Jim
  • Picture Windows by Poyser, Jim
  • So Far From China by Blanning, Howard
  • So Sorry, Cincinnati by Rogers, Doug
  • Waiting by Rockwell, PJ


  • And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson by Leonard, Jim, Jr.
  • Fish Story by Poyser, Jim
  • Graphics by Chaitin, D. Joy
  • Inaugural by Joselovitz, Ernest
  • Loons by Humiston, Dan
  • Mishpocha by Rheins, Rick
  • Propinquity by Johnson, Claudia
  • Red Tape and other Masking by Williams, Louise
  • Scene with a Grapefruit by Blue, Susan
  • Stage - Traffic by Various Artists


  • Discards by Dillard, Mollie
  • Hand on Mirror by Poyser, Jim
  • White Whale by Baker, Ruth Tyndall